Home Inspection Before You Sell

Get a Professional Home Inspection Before You Sell Your Home

We have been advising Boston Real Estate clients to obtain a professional home inspection before they sell their condo. It’s just a smart move, and the selling of a property over $300,000 warrants the small expense that you would incur for doing so.

Why would you want to do this?

  1. A professional home inspection will run you approximately $300-$500, depending on a few different factors. This represents about .1% of a $300,000 home’s sales price.
  2. Buyers will eventually conduct their own professional home inspection, and if a Buyer sees huge red flags with the inspection, they are at liberty to walk away from the transaction, and you don’t get to keep their earnest money. Why not find out with decent accuracy ahead of time what significant faults your home currently has, so that you can avoid a Buyer walking away from the contract. We hope that both parties are acting in good faith if they have made it as far as the inspection, but recall that walking away from a contract due to inspection objections is as simple as checking a box on a form, no questions asked – ever more reason to prepare yourself and your home.
  3. The home selling process is trying enough; give yourself peace of mind so that your home can be represented accurately and confidently.

If you’ve purchased your home in the past 3 years, and you had a professional home inspection during the purchase process, conducting an inspection now may not be worth the expense. However, procuring a professional home inspection before your home is placed on the market is a wise move that we applaud Sellers for taking in this current marketplace. Reference the Home Inspector Fact Sheet for more information about (licensed) Home Inspectors in Massachusetts.