Trolley House

335 West Second Street
Boston, MA 02127

Boston Neighborhood: South Boston
Status: Construction Complete (Resale Only)
Number of Units: 24
Price Range: $400,000 – $600,000
Concierge Building: No

Description: The Trolley House is a new 24-unit condominium building located in South Boston on the boundary between the traditional working class residential neighborhood and an industrial area. The Trolley House condos are the work of Utile Architecture and the Niskanen Development team. The building has structured parking and two lobby entrances at street level and three levels of units, organized around a central courtyard, with the façade made up of a single large window repeated in a grid pattern.

At the Trolley House condo development (so named because it was once the site of a garage for trolleys used for sight seeing) architecture and development teams successfully applied the idea of having a building with a large footprint with a courtyard in the middle, and keeping building height to 35 or 40 feet so that it would work with the larger configuration of old row houses and large warehouses. Trolley House was completed in late 2006 and all of the 24 units, in the mid-$400,000 to $600,000 range, sold quickly.